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Helping people to FODify It! for a Calm Tummy and Happy Heart.

Monash Blog Q&A

Monash Introduces The Calm Tummy Happy Heart Cookbook

Almost eight years ago, I found the Low FODMAP Diet that saved me from 30 years of IBS symptom distress.

FODify It! is on YouTube!

FODify It! is on YouTube!

Now introducing the Fodify It! YouTube Channel! We’re excited to start sharing our Low FODMAP Diet recipes, pro tips and traditional American Southwest cooking techniques with you over on our YouTube Channel. You can now view our first video featuring dozens of photos from our cookbook Calm Tummy Happy Heart, with more recipes and step-by-step […]

Foods & Brands List For Low FODMAP Cooking

Low Fodmap Food and Brand List for Cooking

In my previous post I announced the publication of Calm Tummy Happy Heart cookbook. I also mentioned that, because the cookbook recipes are all Monash University certified, it was not permissible to list the brand names of products I used that are not certified by Monash.

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