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Low FODMAP Food Swaps – American Southwest / Latin American Foods

Hello friends,

As I began the Low FODMAP Diet, it was a little overwhelming to stock my low FODMAP pantry and fridge, let alone remember all of the low and high FODMAP levels foods contain. That’s why I’ve put together this list of HiFO SW foods with LoFO swaps to help as you put your shopping list together.

The diet is all about eating certain portions of foods. In fact, many high FODMAP foods have smaller, low FODMAP portions sizes. For example, avocados are high FODMAP but have a low FODMAP portion size of 1-ounce / 30 grams per serving. That’s about 1/8 of an average-sized avocado. Refried beans are high FODMAP, but have a smaller low FODMAP serving size of 1/6 cup / 45 grams.

The following swaps I use are based on Monash University FODMAP tested foods listed on the Monash FODMAP Smartphone App. If you do not have it, I highly recommend that you get it. I always have it with me while grocery shopping and developing recipes for moments like “how much red bell pepper is low FODMAP?” and “how much Serrano chile is high FODMAP?” In the palm of my hand, I have their entire database of foods.

Also, as Monash continually tests, retests and updates FODMAP results, I again refer you to the app for low FODMAP serving / weight amounts for the most current data.

Keep in mind that as you begin to add foods back into your diet in the step 2 Reintroduction Phase, you will find that you are able to tolerate larger portions of certain foods, to your personal sensitivities.

Here’s to a calm tummy and happy heart!

Swaps In properly tested serving amounts, and to your personal tolerance.

Low Fodmap Food Swaps

Tap HERE for LoFO food brands I use in my everyday cooking.

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