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Products We're Loving — Gourmend Foods NEW! Low FODMAP Taco Seasoning

They've really outdone themselves — again!

We’re so excited about a new Taco Seasoning from our friends at Gourmend Foods.

We had the opportunity to taste and cook with this seasoning while working on a recipe collaboration with Gourmend, and it took our Low FODMAP Chiles Rellenos Steak Tacos to a new, amped up Taco Tuesday level.

Check out the recipe on Gourmend’s recipe page HERE.

The beauty of this seasoning is the perfect balance of flavors and unique, globally sourced ingredients.

So, how does it taste?

If you’re familiar with Gourmend, then you know the care and time they take in selecting high quality ingredients from around the world. This seasoning blends in red chile powder from New Mexico offering an earthy, fruity chile flavor. Black lime powder adds a delicious, unique citrus note. Gourmend’s garlic scape and green onion powders are also in the mix. Add to that Zanzibar Black Peppercorn, Rancho Gordo Oregano, Afgan Wild Mountain Cumin, Californian Sea Salt, and Vietnamese Coriander. Taco-bout layers of spices. There’s nothing bashful about it. This seasoning has a depth and richness you are going to love!

Also, our taco recipe was assessed by Dede Wilson, our friend at FODMAP Everyday.

Gourmend, you’ve really outdone yourselves, again. Five stars!

Amy Laura

Order Gourmend Low FODMAP Taco Seasoning HERE

Low FODMAP Chiles Rellenos Steak Tacos recipe HERE

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