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Helping people to FODify It! for a Calm Tummy and Happy Heart.

WELCOME TO FODify It!© Your Low FODMAP Resource from the Southwestern United States!

Are you searching for relief from your IBS symptoms, or following the Low FODMAP Diet*?

Welcome! My name is Amy Laura and I suffered from a severely painful and misdiagnosed digestive condition (IBS-D) for thirty years. After countless tests and food regimens with negative results, a collapse in 2015 prompted me to investigate a diet called Low FODMAP. Within 3 days of eating LoFO foods I felt relief of pain and symptoms for the first time in 3 decades.

Calm Tummy Happy Heart Cookbook

In November of 2022 we published Calm Tummy Happy Heart cookbook. All 80+ recipes have been assessed and certified under the Monash University Low FODMAP Certification Program for recipes. As a result, Calm Tummy Happy Heart is the first cookbook published from the United States that meets the University’s gold standard and fits within the low FODMAP approach to improving the symptoms of IBS and other digestive conditions.

Basically, for the past couple years I’ve been collaborating with the very people who developed the food plan that saved my life.
IBS awareness is now my calling, and if you’d like to read more details of My Story, please tap here.

Calm Tummy Happy Heart offers American Southwest inspired recipes—ribeye burritos, green chile burgers, Taos brownies, Mexican restaurant style dishes, white wine margaritas, chilaquiles, tamales, chiles rellenos and much more—to ensure that those who follow a low FODMAP diet can also enjoy robust, savory and sweet foods. All recipes are in accordance with the beginning Elimination Phase of the diet, making the cookbook a perfect volume for those starting to explore low FODMAP.

I worked closely on this project with Dédé Wilson of FODMAP Everyday, who served as editor and recipe consultant. Dédé has made numerous television appearances, written several cookbooks and worked as a Contributing Editor for Bon Appetit magazine. I have always thought of her as the Martha Stewart of low FODMAP cooking.

Low Fodmap Calm Tummy Happy Heart Cookbook Monash Certified

What you’ll find when you visit us

FODify It! was established to contribute low FODMAP cookbooks, helpful stories, videos, SW dining and travel tips, food brands we use and love, chile chat news, and southwest recipe inspiration.

Along with my husband and co-founder, Jim, and the Monash trained people we work with, we are committed to helping people with IBS to find answers, relief and hope. It is our mission to help IBS sufferers to regain their normal lifestyles, enjoy flavorful robust foods, and to live with a calm tummy and freedom of a happy heart.

Why the FODify It! name — what does it mean?

Each month we select traditional, crave-able Southwestern recipes – a dish one would find at cafes on the Santa Fe Plaza and throughout the Southwest — and we FODify It! by swapping in scientifically proven and tested low FODMAP ingredients for delicious results to calm your tummy.

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Thank you for visiting and spending time with us today!

Amy, Jim and the FODify It! Team
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* The Low FODMAP Diet was developed by the physicians and researchers at the Department of Gastroenterology, Monash University of Melbourne, Australia:

Disclaimer: FODify It!© is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you are suffering from the symptoms of IBS it is critical that you go through testing with a gastroenterologist to rule out other conditions that may be the cause, or life threatening.

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