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Helping people to FODify It! for a Calm Tummy and Happy Heart.

Low FODMAP American Southwest Curated Shop – Coming Soon!

It can be daunting to put your Low FODMAP kitchen in place. This is why, as I began to select products for our online shop, I made a promise to myself and to you that I would only feature foods and items that I know and use in my everyday cooking. If I don’t trust and love it, we don’t list it.

How do I gather the best recommendations for you?

From years of home testing, using Monash Certified products, and taking regional cooking classes, my kitchen has become its own little LoFO carniceria with tried and true foods and helpful gadgets. But I have to say that my favorite research method has always been to stand in line at the grocery store or carniceria and chat with the owners and people in line. I’ve been known to hold up different brands of soft corn tortillas or masa and ask everyone at the check-out, “Which one do you like best, if you were doing a taste test?” When everyone points to the same one, I have my answer.

Low Fodmap Tortillas

This always makes me smile, because the majority of the time it is a unanimous decision of “Yes, get that one. No no no, not that one, they fall apart too easily. The other tastes better, you’ll be happier with that one!” Then we talk about recipes and what we’re cooking. I live for these impromptu foodie chats!

Low Fodmap Appetizer Board

Natural Flavors

Sometimes you will notice an ambiguous product ingredient listed as Natural Flavoring or Natural Flavors. Oftentimes this means onion and garlic, which is why I contact the brand office for verification, and ask if they offer an alternative product that qualifies as low FODMAP. This information will be included in the description area of certain items.

Not all products will be affiliated listings.

Some products in the shop will be an affiliated listing where we receive a small commission of the purchase. But not all. Along with carefully curated LoFO favorites, whenever possible I am including common brands that can be found at your local grocery. The purpose of this shop is to assist you as you search for the best, tastiest low FODMAP Southwestern brands. This is why you will find condiments, milks, masa harina, butter alternatives, gluten-free flour blends, tortillas, Mexican and baking chocolates, and other items that are most likely readily available to you – and they will be noted as such.

Certified Items

Like many people on the LoFO plan, I look for Monash FODMAP certified items. These products will be noted as Certified, and I’ll be adding tips on how and why I use them. For example, some LoFO gluten-free baking flours are better for making cookies or a milk-saturated Tres Leches Cake, while another would be better for fluffy gluten-free pancakes and muffins. And some gluten-free rolls are better for sandwiches, while I use others for an appetizer board or croutons.

Low Fodmap Chips and Salsa
Low Fodmap fiesta slaw ingredients

Quick Tip: Don’t throw away all of your high FODMAP foods as you FODify your kitchen.

Those jalapeno-infused pickles that are flavored with onion and garlic may no longer be a trigger for you as your digestion calms and finds its balance. Freeze and store as much as you can, and then add them back into your diet one-by-one when you’re in the Reintroduction – Personalization Phase of the diet. And be sure to label them as “Not LoFO” “Contains Gluten” or “Contains Onion” etc.

When you check out our shop and don’t see an item you’re looking for, please let me know via our contact page or in the comments below. This way, I can continue adding things you are needing – but only if I use and love it!

I wish you luck and Buen Provecho! as your kitchen comes together with low FODMAP ingredients to cook delicious, robust meals that are calming for your tummy!

Amy Laura

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