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Check Off The Bucket List - Monash Blog Q&A

Monash Introduces The Calm Tummy Happy Heart Cookbook

Hand Me A Pen So I Can Check It Off The Bucket List

Almost eight years ago, I found the Low FODMAP Diet that saved me from 30 years of IBS symptom distress. Now, I am elated to share that my Q&A, Meet the Author, has been posted to the Monash FODMAP blog.

If you are not familiar with this resource, Monash continually posts news of new FODMAP certified cookbooks and products, healthy eating tips, and current research findings there. A huge help for the IBS and digestive health community – straight from the FODMAP Mothership – that I highly recommend.

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The Q&A is a snappy quick read – and I’m over the moon to check this off my bucket list.

Tap here to check it out!

Wishing you a calm tummy and happy heart,


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