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Amy’s Q&A With FODMAP Everyday – The Importance of Telling Our Stories

Dear Friends,

Creating our low FODMAP cookbook, Calm Tummy Happy Heart, did not happen on our own. We were lucky enough to collaborate with the Monash FODMAP certification team, and with Dédé Wilson of FODMAP Everyday.

Dédé was a longstanding contributing editor with Bon Appetit Magazine, she’s done countless TV appearances, and written boatloads of cookbooks. She’s been following the diet since 2015 and it’s uncanny how similar our stories are in our decades long search to find answers.

Today, I am pleased to share with you a Q&A I did with Dédé.

I’ve come realize how important it is to share our stories, because it was through reading posts and articles about other IBS sufferers that led me to low FODMAP — the food plan using food as medicine that gave me my life back.

Head over to FODMAP Everyday’s website to read more about how the Low FODMAP Diet changed both of our lives. (Full disclosure – this is a sponsored post).

Next week we will be posting a special peek into Calm Tummy Happy Heart with a free PDF of favorite moments in the book and THREE LoFO delicious American Southwest recipes. Something savory, something sweet, and something for sipping!

The recipes are calming to IBS symptoms, and the book is designed to be a calming experience as well through our southwest landscape photography, and we are including many of these beautiful moments in the PDF peek.

Wishing you a calm tummy and happy heart!

xo Amy

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