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Helping people to FODify It! for a Calm Tummy and Happy Heart.

Low FODMAP Build Your Own Burrito Swaps

Low FODMAP Burrito Swaps

It can be easy to feel lost when trying to find LoFO substitutes for the foods that you love – especially when they typically contain many high FODMAP ingredients like burritos.

Low FODMAP Texas Steak Rub For 2

Low FODMAP, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, IBS Friendly, Steak Rub Recipe

Texans take their steak rubs very seriously, and you’ll be sure to get a thumbs up with a “this is as good as all git out!” when you serve this sensitive tummy version.

Grilled Sonoran Dawgs

Low FODMAP Grilled Sonoran Dawgs

A wiener every time! We fell in love with these loaded dawgs while road tripping through the southern Arizona Sonoran Desert.

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