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Low FODMAP Grilled Sonoran Dawgs

Low FODMAP Grilled Sonoran Dawgs


A wiener every time! We fell in love with these loaded dawgs while road tripping through the southern Arizona Sonoran Desert. Sonoran hot dogs are a-plenty in this region, and you can count on a wide variety of toppings.

Saguaro Cactus Tucson Arizona, Low FODMAP Grilled Sonoran Dawgs

Our favorite version is to grill the hot dogs, slice them open to stuff with a slice of Monterey Jack cheese (optional to your tolerance), then fold a mild green chile fillet around them, wrap tightly with bacon, grill to crisp and top with all sorts of goodies including a lime mayo drizzle. Think of them as next level chiles rellenos hot dogs.

Low FODMAP Grilled Sonoran Dawgs

The swaps are: A gluten-free Low FODMAP bun in place of a regular wheat bun, sliced scallion green parts in place of diced white onion, lime mayo for Mexican crema (that contains dairy and has not yet been tested for FODMAPs), and selecting a hot dog that is low FODMAP.

We use Ball Park brand Beef Franks that contain high FODMAP ingredients but are in such low amounts we have not had a problem with them. They have not yet been tested for FODMAP levels, however, at 1 dog per serving we find that they don’t affect our digestion.

To firmly establish what is in the “natural flavors” or “flavorings” ingredient of many hot dogs, companies must be contacted. At the same time, if the high FODMAP ingredients are listed as 2% or less they are unlikely to trigger symptoms based on the clinical experience of our FODMAP Everyday® dietitian friends. Tap HERE for the lowdown on “All About Low FODMAP Hot Dogs.”

Makes: 4


12 toothpicks placed in a small bowl of water to soak

1/4 cup (56 g) low FODMAP mayo, such as Hellmann’s/Best Foods Light

juice and zest of 1/2 lime

4 low FODMAP hot dogs

1, 1.4-ounce (40 g) slice of Monterey Jack Cheese cut into 4 sticks for filling the dawgs, optional to your tolerance

4, canned whole mild green chiles, such as Hatch Whole Mild Green Chiles or Ortega Whole Mild Green Chiles, drained on paper towels for 15 minutes

4 to 8 pieces bacon, depending on how long they are, to wrap around the dawgs

4 gluten-free low FODMAP hot dog buns or sandwich rolls, such as Schar brand that are Monash certified

8 scallions, green parts only, sliced thin

1/2 medium (50 g) Roma tomato, small diced

1/4 cup (35 g) jarred picked jalapenos, containing no onion, garlic or other high FODMAP ingredients, rough chopped


Heat your grill to medium

Mix the mayo, lime juice and zest in a small bowl and set aside.

Grill the hot dogs to make sure they have a nice char and are cooked through. Create a pocket by slicing them lengthwise 3/4 of the way in, but not completely through. Place the cheese sticks into each pocket.

Low FODMAP Grilled Sonoran Dawgs
Low FODMAP Grilled Sonoran Dawgs

Slice the green chiles lengthwise down one side. Fold them around the dawgs. Wrap them tightly with the bacon, overlapping as you roll, and secure with toothpicks as needed.

Low FODMAP Grilled Sonoran Dawgs
Low FODMAP Grilled Sonoran Dawgs

Grill over medium heat, turning with metal tongs to crisp the bacon.

Before toasting the buns, I hollow out the centers to make a better fit for holding the dawgs. (Save the extra bread, it’s great for making croutons). Toast the buns on the grill to your liking.

Low FODMAP Grilled Sonoran Dawgs

Remove the toothpicks and place the dawgs in the buns. Drizzle with lime mayo and sprinkle with scallions greens, diced tomato and pickled jalapeno. Serve immediately.

Low FODMAP Grilled Sonoran Dawgs
Low FODMAP Grilled Sonoran Dawgs


Note from Hellman’s:

There is no garlic in Hellmann’s/Best Foods mayonnaise products. Hellmann’s/Best Foods Light, Organic, Real, and Olive Oil do not contain onion. We suggest visiting our website or’s to view a detailed description of ingredients used in our products.

Monash Notes: although chiles are generally low in FODMAPs, some people with IBS may be sensitive to the capsaicin they contain. Capsaicin is a natural compound that gives chiles their spicy quality. You may need to limit how much chile you eat if your IBS symptoms are triggered by spicy food.

Thank you to Dede Wilson and the FODMAP Everyday® dietitians for their in-depth article on hot dogs.


Tap here to download the recipe as a black and white PDF (text only no photos)

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