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Green Chiles - Can You Eat The Skins? How Do You Prepare Them?

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Today’s Chile Pepper Chat is about green chiles – those delicious banana-shaped peppers that go by names such as: Hatch, Anaheim, New Mexican, Colorado Green and Chiles Verde Del Norte to name a few.

Not to be confused with other green colored peppers like Serranos, jalapenos, green bell peppers or poblanos, they are medium green in color with an average size of 5.5 inches long (14 cm). Their flavor doesn’t have the tangy, slightly bitter bite of a green bell pepper, but rather an earthy, herbaceous, buttery combination.

Green chiles vary in heat from Mild to XXX Hot! Please note that the Monash lab-tested green chiles on the app are Mild.

They are also low in FODMAPs. Monash has tested an average-sized (61 g) mild green chile to be low FODMAP. The Monash FODMAP Smartphone App lists them as: Chile, green, peeled, deseeded. Monash is constantly testing and retesting foods, which is why we like to refer you to the app where the most current results can be found. 

Green chile skins are tough and inedible. That’s why millions of people (a.k.a Chileheads) in the Southwest roast them over a flame and prep them to remove the skins, stems and seeds to reveal their luscious herb-y chile meat.

The steps to prepare them are simple and your kitchen will smell like August-September chile roasting season in the Southwest.

Stay tuned for loads of savory and sweet LoFO green chile recipes coming soon to the FODify It! recipe files. If you have a green chile recipe in mind and would like to see us FODify It! please leave suggestions in the comments.

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